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Zack's Place in the Land of ZOZ

Zack's Place Participants partnered with community members including Woodstock Elementary School Students and other cameo performers to perform the musical ZACK'S PLACE IN THE WONDERFUL LAND OF ZOZ. The adaptation was written by Jim Sadwith from L. Frank Baum's THE WONDERFUL LAND OF OZ.

Participants began reading the script in February and started rehearsing at Woodstock Elementary School in March and April. The performers worked with choreographer Jennifer Schutzius and singing coach Kerry Rosenthal as well as the Director Jim Sadwith. The months of hard work paid off.

On Wednesday May 16th Zack's Place along with it's all star cast of cameo performers, performed at Town Hall Theater in Woodstock, VT. As we waited for people to seat themselves we soon realized that the theater was filled. People continued to file in and sat in the aisles and stood in the back.

As the play opened it started with an actual voice over from Mark Brine Eye on the Sky. As the group scurried off stage, Dharma was left alone at ZP and the storm hit caring her to the Land of Zoz. The adventure continued through Zoz as Dharma met her new friends and searched for a way to get back home.

The professional writing and directing from Jim Sadwith made this such a special play and all who participated out performed themselves.

A big thank you to Pentangle for the Arts for use of the theater! Also, to our fearless director Jim Sadwith. He worked very hard with our group and helped us have a successful musical. Our sound and music director Bob Merrill and lighting Tiger Stanley!

Also thank you to our photographers Calvin Jones and Nancy Nutile-McMenemy and videographer Macy Lawrence!

20180516 Zack's Place -The Land of Zoz from Woodstock Community Television on Vimeo.

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